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Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
fans to respectsÑi theñ niners andçó respect the stick. it's going toñr be a lot of dese or impulse to take a piece of the stick with you. don't do çóthat. we're auctioning. you can buy it. >> actually, it goes on sale monday for the general public. pair is going for more than $600 for two of those. >>> new at 11:00, san ford is heading to the rose bowl again this year. the cardinal family beat the arizona sun devils. final score 38-14. they're expected to face michigan state or ohio state on january 1st. this is the first time sanford (#lkt(()háo back years since th 1970s. more coming up in the comcast sportsnet report. >>> coming up, a delta flight made an emergencyçó landing aft taking off. the latest on the teenager whoÑ died midair. >>> the anniversary of pearl Ñi harbor. volunteers work hard to make it a brighter holiday for kids. >>> today marks the 72nd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor and the number of survivors is getting smaller each year.Ñi almost 2400 service members killed in the early morning surprise attack that drew the elta flight leaving seattle h
Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
the niners in his debut next. >> the 49ers back were against the wall. but that didn't stop st. louis from trying to ram them into a corner. it is almost the playoffs. and teams have to win. the 49ers hosting the rams. michael crabtree making his season debut. hurts his knee blocking. he would not return. injuries do not seem to be too serious. however, not expected to play on sunday. kaepernick to crabtree. he's gone for 60 yards. 69 yards receiving. fourth quarter. kaepernick to vernon davis. karate kick almost in the jaw. more from candlestick. >> michael crabtree had a 60-yard reception with 42 yards coming after the catch. but against the rams, boldin was calling kaepernick's main target on third down. and boldin and vernon davis remain the only 49ers with receiving touchdowns this season. >> when you have a guy like that, it definitely frees you up. >> it's always a great thing. crabtree is a special player. >> a lot of big-time players made by anquan boldin. one of those guy guys that, you no e, anticipate is going to step up big in a big game and he did. >> verreos mon made a few p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2